Ludwig van Beethoven

'Music … a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy'

Music has the ability to make us laugh, cry, get aroused, get angry or violent, or bring about peace and calm. We’ve used it since humans first existed to tell stories to one another, bond with one another, and expand our imaginations. Music can change the thoughts, emotions and intentions of individuals, groups, whole societies, even entire races.

Rafael has devoted his life to studying music and can reveal in great depth how music was revered in the past and how it is used in the world today. Musicians were once the highest paid employees in any court in Europe, way above the pay grade of geniuses such as Leonardo and Michelangelo. The court musicians were considered to have Divine powers and held in the highest esteem, their music was complex and inspired, performed by Master musicians.

The music of today however, has been used to dumb people down, change how we think and feel, and increase and distort our sexual desires. Master musicians are rare and hard to find, computers instead provide loops and lyrics, with no talent needed at all to produce multimillion dollar songs. The words and their accompanying videos are dark and often demonic, lewd and crude, and yet are so commonplace and so accepted by society, that we think nothing of allowing young children to watch these videos, copy the dance moves and sing along to all the lyrics.

Through his vast knowledge of music and extraordinary abilities as a performer, Rafael intends to change how people think about music and bring back the reverence Master musicians deserve.

Rafael's latest album

Album: Blue Dreams

An acoustic album of solo guitar works featuring music by French-Canadian composer Guy Bergeron

A soulful collection of French music to heal and harmonise the human spirit


Rafael Arden


Fingerstyle Guitar


Guy Bergeron




This virtuosic acoustic album of solo guitar works features stunningly beautiful music by French-Canadian composer Guy Bergeron that takes the listener on an inner journey of discovery

Composer Guy Bergeron

Composer Guy Bergeron was born in 1964 in Quebec, Canada and has spent his life studying, producing, engineering and composing music. His musical studies include:

  • 1992-94 – student of jazz interpretation at the University of Montreal (electric guitar) and computer-assisted music at the Musitechnic School in Montreal
  • 1990 – 3rd cycle in composition at the Conservatoire de musique of Quebec
  • 1986 – collegial grade (DEC) in pop music, Cegep of Drummondville
  • 1984 – collegial grade (DEC) in music, Cegep of Ste-Foy, with guitar as first instrument.

Guy has been earning his living through music for more than 25 years, as a professional musician, composer, arranger, and also as an engineer managing his own studio. An accomplished musician, he plays the guitar (classical, electric, acoustic, synthesizer), the banjo, the mandolin and the bass.

Guy has kindly given Rafael permission to record his solo guitar works, which are lyrical in nature and rich with sophisticated harmonic textures. His music reveals Guy’s deep love of Canada and his French heritage, oozing a uniquely French style of composition. His original pieces are filled with beauty, purity and child-like innocence, yet are virtuosic and technically demanding, especially on the left hand!

It is with great pleasure that Rafael presents these stunningly beautiful works of Guy’s, which with the addition of 528hz tuning, includes music to heal and bring consciousness into this reality taking the listener on a journey of deep spiritual discovery.