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The Straloch Lute Book

Scottish Lute Music Vol. 2

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The Rowallan Lute Book

Scottish Lute Music Vol. 1


The Rowallen and The Strolock are a delightful collection of Scottish tunes that seem to be from the late Renaissiance. These works are tunefull in origin  some are very short so one has to flow from one piece to the other as in a Boroque suite.

These coloful pieces are mainly dance tunes with some Airs here and there. They posess a unique quality that are differant from say the English and French lute music whis ws full complex Harmonic strusters and rpid scale passages and of course complex polphony. The Scots however were clearly not interested in any of this ,There music stands on its own as most of the tunes have only two voices that is bass and Melody.Its because of this emptiness that tunes hold ther Almighy powers. The listner can easly be tranported to the beautiful landscapes of scotland with the blowing freshly.

Ther are two surving Manuscripts the Rowallen and Stralock books. Ive recorded as they have been presented in the book. I would also like to thank the Edinburah Libary of Scot and Wayne Cripps for arranging these pieces into this Wonderful Manuscript.