After exploring many different musical repertoires, Rafael Arden has returned to his great love of playing Bach! Johann Sebastian Bach is considered the greatest musical genius this planet has ever known. Held in the highest esteem by musical greats such as Beethoven and Mozart, Bach took music to new heights, the likes of which the world had never heard before.

Rafael is now taking his lifetime of musical training to breathe new life into Bach’s music, by recording it on the electric guitar! Some would view this as utter blasphemy, others as simply brave! However, with deep reverence Rafael is using his knowledge of the Baroque period, traditional lute techniques, and his experience as a modern day guitarist, to explore new sounds and interpretations of Bach’s cello and lute suites, his various dances, and violin partitas. 

Albums in the pipeline!

Sleepers Awake!

Bach on the electric guitar! Blasphemy! some might say however Bach’s music is also known for being able to lend itself to any instrument, and this album proves it. It was like the two were made for each other! With a background in the rock industry as a teenager, then intensive training as a Renaissance lutenist for twenty years, Rafael has chosen to combine all his skills to bring Bach into the 21st Century.

‘Rafael’s musical depth and expression
are a delight to the ear’ 


Rafael Arden plays J.S.Bach

‘A stunning interpretation’