This website is devoted to the Renaissance lute

featuring the music of Rafael Arden


Born in 1968 Mr Arden began playing the guitar at the age of eight. Rafael began his performance career in the 80s rock industry. He was also a teacher at various music schools across Sydney.

He was accepted into the School of Music, to further a long-standing interest in classical music, in particular the classical guitar. Halfway through his studies a recorder player introduced him to the Renaissance lute, where Rafael worked as an accompanist for student exams, in ensembles, and conducting a madrigal group performing the works of John Dowland.

Working with some of the finest musicians in the world. He has performed at the Festival Theatre, the Elder Hall and various classical venues. He has also performed at large contemporary venues fronting on the electric guitar.

In his 20s, Rafael returned to his love of contemporary music, working as a solo guitarist. At his first concert he was invited by the Multicultural Arts Forum to represent Australia in the Spanish Guitar Festival.

Rafael has produced various cds and worked as a session musician, songwriter and composer for various artists. He has studied music from antiquity all the way through to the pop music of today.

Mr Arden now devotes his time to the repertoire of the Renaissance. He is currently recording three cds of Elizabethan lute masters and will be touring Australia throughout 2024, together with New Zealand and Japan.